When it comes to people who can deliver excellent training on mastering the orchestra, then we don’t have competitors. Whether you are looking to play in a string or symphony youth orchestra, we have got all it takes. We proudly train our youths on any stringed, wind, brass or percussion instrument of their choice. So, you really have nothing to fear if you are a rookie when it comes to musical instruments.

True, we are professionals today, but we all started out from somewhere. If you have been privileged to attend any of our orchestra, then you should know something for sure; most of the youths who play during our orchestra, joined us complete rookies, but have steadily made progress over the years. And we believe that as long as you come join us with the right attitude, you would master any musical instrument of your choice before you know it!

Our trainings are usually rigorous and often demand all of your best if you are to make the orchestra in no time. Usually, we demand that you indicate the musical instrument that you are passionate about, and we get started from there. For us, we believe it should start with a passion to actually succeed at anything!

The ambience of our auditorium is one that promises to leave you spell bound. The look and feel is just magnificent. We believe the ambience has a lot to do with the effect an orchestra makes on its audience, and so we are particular about getting it right.

Over the years, we have trained not a few students on different musical instruments and how to perform with others in an orchestra. We must say it has an art. Besides learning to play an instrument, having to learn to play with others entails quite a lot of artistry, as you are expected to listen to not just yourself but to others as well; most of which aren’t playing the kind of instrument you are playing. Mastering this team participation by individuals is where the bulk of our work goes into.

The testimonials streaming in from our students often go to show that we are on the right track. Students that go through our tutelage can stand and sing in any orchestra held anywhere in world, and still hold their head up high. That’s the confidence we instill in them.

To enquire about any aspect of our services, you can simply put a call through to us so you are kept abreast with when the sessions open, and what the requirements are. You could also send us an email, and we would promptly respond.

Our activities are on social media, so we encourage you to follow us and get firsthand information of all our offers and openings as they begin. Our Facebook community is a beehive of activities and you sure don’t want to miss out of the fun. Simply like our page on Facebook, and you will be home.

We look forward to receiving you into our very receptive family! Don’t delay any longer.