We are constantly participating in competitions because we believe that’s one way to ascertain growth. We see competition as a test of how much we have developed ourselves over time. And that’s why after every competition irrespective of our performance, we go back to the drawing board to figure out what we could have done better. We are consistently seeking ways to outdo our past performances, and that’s why we are always on top of our game.

We try not to restrict competitions to our environment alone; so we register our students for competitions that hold locally, and regionally. The exposure our students garner after these competitions are often seen during their performances afterward. There is a huge connection between exposure and the confidence level being birthed in a team; that we have observed.

Our orchestra has consistently improved and we know that competitions have played a major role in it. Competing with the world’s best have often times challenged us on how much we needed to step up our game.

As an orchestra, our dream is to be the best internationally, and that drives every investment we make. Our outings are geared towards our dream, and our performances are inspired by it as well. We believe we have what it takes to stand on any stage, and we are continually motivated by it.

We have won quite a few competitions in our locality, and we aim to start winning regional competitions and international ones in the near future. We particularly enroll for competitions of international standards, where we stand shoulder to shoulder with the world’s renowned. Over time, we have refused to limit ourselves or our dreams, and it has begun to birth sweet fruit.

We also engage in competitions as a group in-house, and award ourselves accordingly. We are constantly seeking measures to improve ourselves, and that spirit is what every single member of the orchestra have been trained to inculcate. So it’s not uncommon to see members compete amongst themselves, and even organize personal trainings as a group before their trainers come up.

The spirit in our orchestra is indeed contagious, and we are proud of the spirit of sportsmanship that exists between us. Competitions are seen as meat for us, a way to bind us with an even closer bond.