Auditions are a prerequisite to be a part of our orchestra. This is particularly so because we truly want to know where every applicant fits into what we are offering. Our auditions are very extensive and test a wide range of aspects. We receive thousands of applications yearly, and the only way we could possibly stream down that number is getting to audition applicants for the role they want to play in the orchestra.

During auditions, as much as we respect the talents of our applicants, we look for much more than that. This is especially so because over the years we have discovered that there are people who are well talented but hardly fit into what we want to portray because of the wrong attitude.

We are particularly keen on looking out for those with talent and an attitude that shows they are willing to improve beyond where they are. So, we urge you to feel free to send in your application if you have a passion for orchestra and a little bit of talent. Who knows, you could just make it in?

Auditions are often an opportunity for applicants to show us what they’ve got and why they deserve a spot in our orchestra. True, there will be further training before they can start singing in the orchestra, but we want to see what the applicants got.

The team of individuals assessing candidates are the very best there is, with eyes and ears for music and orchestra; hence, they can hardly not notice when you are not promising. On that note, we often urge candidates that before they turn in their application, they should take a little more time to prepare for our auditions.

Your basic understand of the instrument you play will definitely give you an edge. We urge you to make the most of personal trainings. If you have sent in an application, then we would definitely get in touch with you when the audition commences.

Auditions are not meant to scare you, but to better inform our choice of why we should be choose you over the stream of other applicants wanting to join us. Just convince us that you deserve a spot and you will be fine!