We are constantly evolving, and there is so much more that we can do. We want to reach out to communities by organizing concerts that will foster unity and togetherness. Training youths who are idle to learn how to play an instrument is one community service we long to commit to more.

To get fully involved and reach out to more youths who have lost a sense of purpose, we would require support. We have started already, and the response has been quite massive, but we require support to get even more youths out of the streets.

We are a youth orchestra, and we know that music is one way to cure our society of its ills. Organizing and reaching out to our communities requires financial commitment; especially as youths begin to embrace the message we preach. There has to be a way we engage them and keep them relevant after taking them off the streets.

Your support to our cause no matter how little will ultimately change a life. And so we encourage you not to hesitate to make it happen.

Our orchestra has even more propensity to grow, as we give more exposure to our students. And you can be a part of making someone’s dream come true. Our tourisms and travels require sponsorships, and your availing yourself as a sponsor will be helping making the world better.

Kindly help support our cause and we are sure you will be rewarded doing so. There are many whose only future lies in what they are doing now and they are putting everything into it. Your little support can further go to make their dreams come through.

Participating and registering in competitions require funds, travelling to the venues require funds, fending for students require funds, so we urge you to be a part of this course, for it is a worthy venture towards improving lives.